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When VC & GR became parents

I first met Victoria & Gary when we worked together over 10 years ago!! This was full of drunk nights out in London town before I was a mum and when I used to give VC (Victoria) a daily update on Britney Spears mental state.

We laughed a lot, VC made my day a lot easier! Over 10 years later they now have a beautiful family with Noah & Joseph

Noah & Joseph were so much fun and super behaved, but even if your kids play up and are not really feeling having their photos taken 9/10 I will be able to win them over. I always suggest for the parents to take a step back and allow me to build up that trust with the kids.

Dads are normally really anxious - sometimes more so than anyone else, once they know that all I am asking them to do is interact and maybe take a little direction with positioning then we are winning!!!!

I LOVE coming into a safe environment for the kids somewhere they can show me around warm to me its a perfect space for family photos!!

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Love Ams


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