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Baby Nelly

It was so lovely to be asked to photograph baby Nelly. I have know Becky for over 10 years. I had not seen her in over 5 years soon it was so good to catch up. Nelly was amazing and so chilled out - as i knew Becky Betty came along for the ride, sometimes this works and sometimes its hell! But Betty was good!

I love hearing about the different journeys they have been on becoming parents, they are so individual so unique, its even better when I get to see them every few years to capture them as they grow and evolve.

I told myself I would book my chum in to photograph my family when Betty arrived and I never did!! Massive regret, I really should have not waited. I will aim for a shoot this summer when she is running around. Time doesn't wait for anyone.........

Ams xxxx

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