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Kelly, Ivy & Iris - Southend Pier

The world of insta is fab for so many things, growing your brand showcasing your work and the community of support,

I had followed Kelly's work for a few years before we bumped into each other last summer - something my husband couldn't get his head round - who was that, oh I know her from Insta, what you haven't met before then.............. no well not in person!

I asked Kelly if I could book in to her Autumn mini sessions as I had never had a family shoot........... so we decided I would also shoot Kelly and her girls.

As a photographer I am never in the frame and loved Kelly capturing me and mine.

I have met some really talented ladies that have become friends on social media. I would say you do become a bit obsessed with likes, features and the algorithm and what that means for our business.

But for Insta I am grateful to have met Kelly and captured her lovely lot.

I am looking forward to the year ahead and getting out with lots of new families and shooting my regular families

Do not forget early bird offer - £199 for a lifestyle or location shoot booked in Jan for a shoot in 2018!

Ams xxx

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