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2019 - What a year!!!

I have honestly loved meeting so many new families this year as well as lots of new business clients!!

I think it really shows if you put all of your energy into something it will happen!!

I am again going to streamline my working hours for 2020 - if you follow me on instagram you will have already seen this!

I will be shooting one family a week and two business clients a month! Therefore if you are planning on booking in for next year we will need to seriously plan ahead - the last 6 months of this year I really stretch myself and I really want to try and ensure my family functions as well as running a business - I can't keep putting off food shopping in order to edit because I am in the zone

Its been my best year so far and I am so excited for next year!! I can't wait to plan for 2020!!

A few highlights of the year below!!!

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