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The mini Chair session

My chair sessions were a totally success this summer!! The rain didn't arrive and the kids were awesome!!! Ill be totally honest this is my first mini sessions that have sold out and i have had to put more dates on!!

What mini sessions next........ well I see all of my fellow (friend) photographers are already putting out the winter mini sessions and i am not sure i am ready for summer to be over yet

I am currently searching for the best winter chair/sofa/setting so bare with whilst I get my vision clear and ill be back in touch.

But if you are interested in booking a winter mini then please get in touch so I can get clear what who where and when is needed.

Thanks for reading my ramblings as always it will be filled with spelling errors typos and may not even make it clear what I am trying to ask - but I hope you love the images as much as I do!!!

Ams xxx

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