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The Udugba Family

At the start of this year I had an enquiry from Yasmin about capturing the birth of her third baby. My heart skipped a beat with excitement. I had captured the birth of my niece a few years before and I knew how magical it was!!

Its widely reported that the third birth is a tricky one, well by the time baby Udugba was ready she arrived pronto and not enough time for me to get to the hospital. I think there was just enough time for Daddy to make it back.

As I knew they were moving house shortly after the arrival of baby Udugba I suggested a lifestyle shoot in the first few weeks. I wanted to capture them in the house that they brought all of their babies home before the next chapter begun.

What a joy it was meeting them all, I got a little excited for my own family expanding a few months after

They were full of joy, laughter & love

The sassy Eliyah & Zachary were full of beans and kept me laughing.

Welcome baby Soraya you are so loved.

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