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Chris, Anna & Beatrice

To do my job and do my job well, I try and get to know my clients before and during the sessions and often I end up thinking of them as friends - I have heard this saying so many times and up until the last year it made me cringe a little. Surely business is business.............not when you are capturing connection and love!

Mainly because I had not put enough effort into getting to know my clients previously. I have so many snippets of information swirling when I am shooting that its just so important I know the essence of each family!

I always over shoot - I hate deleting images even if they are very much like the image before and after - I can not delete just incase someone is pulling a face that they love or a cute little nose crinkle that only they would love!

I always get a little anxious before a shoot knowing that professional family photographs are a luxury and its really important I capture every little detail.

When Anna booked in with me a few months before we chatted over email agreed the logistics. Anna mentioned It was really important to her to include something that represented their first born daughter Amelia who was born prematurely and did not make it home from hospital. Anna explained that it was extremely hard having family photos when she is missing, but Amelia also being part of the reason to capture the special moments.

Anna sourced an amazing hand made bunny to represent Amelia in our photos. Beatrice did not once put her down!! I loved this shoot and loved delivering the gallery it filled me with such joy whilst i was editing because I could feel all the love.

Location: Greenwich Park London

Package: Sunday Session

Amelia Bunny (Insta account) : @the_tillybobbunny

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