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My Dad

This is my Dad Kevin Paul Ryan, he was awesome! He was sarcastic, funny, loving and straight up no nonsense kind of man!

We had known for the past 3 years that dad had terminal cancer - you would think that it would help prepare you or the end. But really nothing could have prepared us for the massive void that has been left in all of our hearts.

I wanted to write a few words here because we have just organised Dads funeral and we have decided on no flowers other than a few family flowers. We really want to raise money for our local palliative care team to hopefully buy a syringe driver something that really helped dad in his final hour.

We had been really lucky with dads care, he had a really lovely oncologist that he trusted as well as Kim his palliative care nurse. When we heard that not every patient would have access to a syringe driver if they needed it really shocked us as it was a massive help to our Dad who could not stand needles!!

It still blows my mind how dad never once gave up he kept going until his final day! He had rounds and round of chemo, radiotherapy, immunotheraphy and clinical trials and was positive the whole time. Well he was grumpy still, if the hammers lost or when we all would descend when he was serving his dinner.

My parents blew me away with the love and strength they have shown, they have been together forever and I can not put it into words how in awe I am of my mum - she rocks! We are lucky to have such an amazing family I cant even imagine having to deal with this without my mum, sisters husband and brother from another mother!

What we would really love is to be able to raise enough funds to help another family caring for a loved one at home. The cost of each syringe driver if £1742.00 plus VAT!

Please help us by donating what you can via the below link

For anyone that knew dad and wanted to come the funeral will be held at Southend crematorium Thursday 18th April 12 o'clock.

Thanks again for all the love and support

Amo xx

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