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Summer is coming| Priory Park

The longer days mean I can shoot later in the afternoon and sometimes if I am lucky golden hour!!

I love this afternoon with Sophie & Olivia with their parents and grandparents!

I am the youngest of three sisters and a lot of my cousins are girls, So I know what it is like to have this bond, its pretty special. All three of us are very different, in personality and in what paths we have chosen in life. I could totally see Sophie & Olivia's personality as I was editing.

So much fun exploring letting the girls play, we only really have a small window of fun for the smaller ones before they loose interest in what we are doing. I love it when the grandparents come along to jump in a few images, it is so important to get as many images as you can, I still love looking through all the albums of my grandparents or my parents.

I was so glad you trusted me to capture you, it was a total delight.

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