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Jack William Dorrington

I truly believe that paths cross at certain points in life for certain reasons. When Sarah and I crossed paths after 7 years it was not the catch up I had thought it would be.

A lot had changed since I last really caught up with Sarah, marriage, Daisy her beautiful Daughter and they had just welcomed baby Jack.

I straight away asked how baby Jack was getting on? Sarah explained that baby Jack had been a really content happy baby for the first two weeks and then things changed rapidly she knew something was not right. After a few hospital trips and GP appointments they got the news that Sarah's mothers intuition was right something was wrong.

Weeks of waiting, with meningitis in the mix they received the devastating news that Jack had SMA type 1 an incurable and fatal genetic disease.

This was all really fresh for Sarah and her family, and I was feeling pretty rubbish I couldn't fix anything. What would I want people to do for me in this situation? I would want to capture as much as possible and cherish my time with my family as a 4.

I mentioned to Sarah if she ever wanted me to capture them being just them I would in a heartbeat. I was so glad I offered,

Sarah, Chris, family & friend's goal now is to enjoy every last minute they still have left with Jack but to also raise as much money and awareness as possible to help beat and cure this cruel disease.

Below is a link for the teams page for fundraising.

I personally had not heard of SMA before but it must touch many lives with 1 in every 6000 births affected and 1 in every 40 people are carriers of the defective gene that causes SMA.

Sending all my love your way SMM XXXX

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